ZEN WANG is a professional leading supplier of high performance standard and customized gaskets. Our abundant application experience enables us to offer our customers required solution for any type of industrial sealing problem. “Global Sourcing and Local Service” is our mission to be a valuated partner for all customers by introducing the best sealing materials from worldwide and tailor-made to every unique requirement. We can manufacture or supply various kinds of gaskets, braided packing, insulating kits, and safety spray shields to meet most of international industrial standard such as ASME/ANSI, API, ASTM, BS, CNS, DIN, AND JIS.
Thanks to many highly automatic machinery and rich inventory, most of gaskets can be delivery very quick to handle your either turn-key or unscheduled demands.
Customer-oriented and technology driven sealing solution is our commitment to keep win-win growth for everlasting prosperous business with all partners.

We have full stock of Spiral Wound Gasket, Kamprofile Gasket, Ring Type Joint Gasket, Compressed Non-Asbestos Gasket, Flexible Graphite Gasket/Tape, PTFE Gasket, PTFE Enveloped Gasket, Expanded PTFE Gasket, Joint Sealant, Rubber Gasket, Oil-Proof TBA Gasket, Cork Rubber Gasket, GFO Fiber Packing, Braided Gland Packing, High-Temperature & fireproof Braided Fabric, Tape, Rope, Insulation Gasket Kits, Safety Spray Shields, Flange and Bolt Protectors…etc.

Our products widely adopted by our customers like as Formosa Plastic Group, China Steel Corp., CTCI Corp., China Shipbuilding Corp., Taiwan Power Corp., DuPont Taiwan, CPDC, YFY Group, HPPC, NSMC, Powertec Energy Corp., Shihlien Energy Technology Co., ALSTOM Taiwan, and lots of chemical industries and steel works.