Spiral Wound Gasket
Spiral Wound Gasket is made of alternate piles of V-preformed hoop and soft filler that are tightly and spirally wound together. According to the need of the mating flange, the gasket is provided with an outer ring, an inner ring or both outer and inner rings. The outer ring serves as a compression stop, anti-blowout device, which properly centers the gasket on the flange. The inner ring acts as a compression stop and is used to fill the annular space between the flange bores and the gasket inside diameter to minimize trubulence of process fluids and erosion of flanges faces. The spiral wound outer or inner rings are used primarily as reinforcement and are chosen instead of a solid metal ring, because of lower costs or because of limited space when the use of a solid metal ring would be prohibited due to the difficulty in fabrication or usage. ZW spiral wound gaskets can be manufactured in accordance with all relevant gasket standards to suit various flange designation such as ASME/ANSI B16.5, API 605 (ASME
Kammprofile Gasket
The Kammprofile gasket consists of a precision serrated metallic core with additional soft sealing tapes bonded to each serrated face. It is particularly suitable for flanges, pressure vessels cover, heat exchangers and various valve connections in high temperature, pressure or fluctuating conditions. The equally separated concentric circles can minimize lateral flow of soft seal and ensures to provide exceptional gasket rigidity and blow out resistance. Size designed to meet EN12560-6 and B16.20 standards, available soft sealing materials are graphite, Gore ePTFE, Non-asbestos fiber and Mica…etc. The gasket can be re-used by just updating soft seal and is an alternative solution to enhance Spiral Wound and Metal Jacketed Gasket. Custom-made Kammprofile and Spiral Wound complex gasket is also available.
Metal Jacketed Gasket
Metallic or non-metallic heat-resistant filler encapsulated in a very thin metallic shell forms metal jacketed Gaskets. The Filler material provides resilience while the metal jacket resists pressures, temperature and corrosion. A wide range of size, profile, and materials are available to suit various specific application, especially for heat exchanger, pumps, valve cover, autoclaves, and manhole. Due to limited resilience and recovery properties, Metal Jacketed Gaskets require smooth flange surface finishes, high bolt loads, and flange flatness to seal effectively. Recently, this kind of gasket have been replaced by Kammprofile Gaskets.
Encapsulated Corrugated Gasket
A metal core and non-metallic composite materials with special structure, pressed into concentric corrugation with both metal strength and elastic characteristics of the waveform. This unique construction, utilizing corrugated metal and compressible sealing elements, provides for excellent performance in thermal cycling applications. This configuration provides a rigid gasket that easily seals against flange seating surface imperfections. Corrugated metal core having a multi-channel concentric sealing, the layer sealing material is not easy to blow out or creep relaxation, lower stress required can maintain long-term sealing performance. Meanwhile, the non-metallic layer can fit fill surface defects after compressed to form MMC, it is suitable for sealing heat exchangers, piping, valves, flanges joints…etc.
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