PTFE Gasket ZW#7500
Virgin/Pure PTFE Sheet ZW 7500 is universal gasket produced from 100% PTFE. Thanks to the excellent in versatile chemical resistance, very low friction, wide working temperature range –100°C to +150°C, and inherent clean, ZW 7500 has been widely adopted in oil refinery, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, and foodstuff industry. Maximum service pressure is limit to 10 bars.
PTFE Envelope Gasket
Enveloping gasket is machined from virgin PTFE and inserted with Non-Asbestos or rubber filler. It is one of the most popular gaskets and well suited to general application except for corrosive media or thicker filler. Maximum service pressure is limit to 20 bars.
Filled PTFE Sheet Gasket - Flexitallic Sigma
Sigma has unique biaxial fibrillated structure and excellent dimensional stability, and maximum reduction in creep and stress relaxation of PTFE by combining these fillers. The PTFE material has excellent chemical resistance (pH 0 ~ 14) and good cleanliness can be widely used for alkali and corrosive fluids, very suitable for food, medicine, electronics (except hydrofluoric acid), and pressure range from vacuum to 8.5MPa. SIGMA sheet gasket is softer and lower stress requirement than pure PTFE, it can be used in glass lined, plastic, ceramic flange; and good sealing performance to slender or damaged flange surface, or low loading conditions.
Expanded PTFE Sheet Gasket - Gore GR (Sheet Gasketing)
The temperature range of GORE® GR is -268°C(-450°F)to +315°C(600°F), resistant to all media in range pH 0-14 (except molten or dissolved alkali metals and elemental fluorine, particularly at elevated temperature and pressure). Not subject to aging and physiologically harmless within the material’s temperature range, UV-resistant and can be stored indefinitely. Low dielectric constant, insulation resistance, low friction coefficient (μ = 0.02). The maximum applicable pressure as well as the maximum safe operating temperature depend mainly on the equipment. Standard pressures range from full vacuum to 200 bar (3,000 psig).
Universal Expended PTFE sheet Gasket - Gore UPG (Style 800)
GORE® Universal Pipe Gaskets are used to seal all types of flanges in chemical-process piping. Style 800 gaskets are designed to meet the needs of various piping materials. They are ideal for standardizing gasket material across steel, glass-lined steel, and Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) systems – any application in which a non-metallic gasket can be used.
Expended PTFE Joint Sealant & Gasket Tape - Gore
GORE® gasket tape is effective at temperature ranging from -450°F to +600°F and is compatible with all chemicals in the 0-14 pH range (except for elemental fluorine and molten alkali metals). Its high tensile strength allows it to withstand internal pressures up to 3,000 psig (PxT=1,800,000). The material is non-contaminating and non-aging. It is perfectly suited for cryogenic applications.
Multi-Directionally Expanded PTFE Gasket Tape - Gore 500 (Steel flange)/Gore 1000 (Glass-lined flange)
Expanded PTFE - ZEALON 系列
ZEALON Joint Sealant, a unique ePTFE gasket tape, is the ideal choice for sealing large diameter flanges. Made from 100% multi-directionally expanded PTFE, the entire gasket owns high conformability and compressibility, good creep relaxation, chemically inertness (PH0 – 14), and very high tensile strength. As a result, the user will terminate any sealing problems associated with aggressive media or outside environment. The service temperature ranges from -200 to +260 ℃ and maximum pressure can be up to 200 bar. This unique joint sealant performs well and reliable in sealing imperfect flanges like glass-lined flange surfaces. Easy and quick installation enable end users to gain initial benefits as urgent maintenance or unexpected outage can be greatly reduced.
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