Rubber Sheet Gasket
Rubber sheet gasket is a basic but essential for general sealing application due to its good conformability and recovery. Synthetic rubber polymer may be vulcanized after blending with various fillers, pigments, and additives. Low tightening torques can achieve reliable sealing under normal temperature and low pressure operating condition. It also performs well even for rough flange surface. Our rubber sheet gasket owns excellent elasticity and very low gas permeability.
PTFE Coated Rubber Gasket ZW#2960
It is improved from full face rubber gasket, surface with molded virgin PTFE coating which covered inner diameter to inside bolt circle on both sides with one to two concentric convex sealing rings. PTFE coating increase the maximum corrosion resistance possibility to suit for universal corrosive chemicals. Normal rubber material is EPDM, the EPDM giving elastic recovery and low seating stress advantages (only one third of traditional PTFE enveloped Gasket), and a long sealing life. It meets ASME B16.5、JIS、DIN flange standard, available size 1/2” up to 24”ID, continue service temperature range -30°C ~+150°C, maximum pressure 20 Bar. It can be used for application such as plastic piping and metal lining or glass lining piping.
PTFE Encapsulated O-Ring ZW#2970
PTFE (PFA or FEP material) encapsulated elastomer (Viton® or Silicone) core to perform the excellent chemical corrosive resistance and higher temperature resistance. It is novel type and suitable for the special requirement when other single elastic material can’t meet. O-Ring installation will result variation depends on the pressure rating, it is specially suit for low pressure environment, and itself elasticity will be formed the sealing property. The properties are corrosion resistance, smooth, no stick, low absorption, low ovality and no swelling.
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