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Safety Spray Shield ZW#600
Safety Spray Shields are made of high strength expanded PTFE, and PTFE drawstring. A sensitive pH indicating patch on the exterior surface allows the earliest warning of initial leak while its color changes to red in the presence of an acid or to green if an alkali. The pH patch (replaceable leak indicating patch) is replaceable which reuse of the shield is possible. Besides, 100% PTFE center clear strip is also available and easy for visual inspecting the leak level is serious or not. It is kind of effective proactive maintenance to prevent and diagnose any abnormal spray of spattering of high concentration or corrosive chemicals. It is necessary for labor safety to protect from the environment hazardous factor.

Made by 100% High Strength expanded PTFE;100% PTFE drawstring and thread;Enclosed drawstring stopper.
Anti Corrosion(pH 0-14) clear high molecule patch pocket;replaceable pH patch.


1.  100%PTFE drawstring and thread, high performance.
2.  pH indicating patch on out of shield help for visual inspection.
3.  Clear high molecule patch pocket could protect pH indicating patch easy to visual and to avoid damage.
4.  Replace pH indicating patch design for long term using.
5.  Especially suitable for strong acid and alkali piping flange around the walking way of the plant.
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