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Non-Asbestos Sheet Gasket SF 2400
SF2400 is a general purpose sheet material reinforced with aramid fibers and bound with a high quality nitrile rubber (NBR). It is excellent high performance with anti-stick on both sides, is the replacement for normal Asbestos gaskets, and complies with the British Standard for non-asbestos sealing materials – BS 7531 Grade Y, DVGW, KTW drinking water approval. It is suit for steam, water, gases, oils, fuels, mild solvents, alkalis, and a wide range of general chemicals. Temperature range from -40°C to 77~400°C (350~752°F), and maximum pressure is 100 bar. Application as public works, chemical plants, oil refineries, steel mills, power plants, shipyards, pipeline engineering, piping flanges used in the manufacturing machinery, heat exchangers for valves tanks, cover and seal the joint of pressure vessels, etc.
Density - g/cm³ 1.80
Compressibility ASTM F36J % 8
Recovery ASTM F36J % 55
Creep Relaxation ASTM F38 % 11.4
Leakage ASTM F37A mL/hr 0.5
Tensile Strength ASTM F152 Mpa >13
Residual Stress BS7531 Mpa >22
Gas Permeability DIN3535 part 6 mL/min <0.3
pH Range - - 3-11
Immersion Properties ASTM油#3 Thickness Increase % 2.6
Weight Increase % 7.8
ASTM燃料油B Thickness Increase % 3.7
Weight Increase % 10.2
Note: 1. The above test results were produced by 1.5mm thick specimens.
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