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Non-Asbestos Sheet Gasket ZW#8800
This Germany-made gasket has balanced raw material combination, consisting of high-grade Aramid fibers, special fillers and NBR rubber (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) binder with A310 anti-stick coating. It demonstrates good resistance to media, standard permeability to gas, good stress relaxation, favorable cost-performance in a wide range of applications such as utility or sanitary applications (gas and water supply), chemical plant, steel works, ship building, oil refinery, power plant, pipeline construction, plant and machine building industry.
*  DVGW (gas and water industry in Germany)
     DVGW VP 401 gas, W270 water, HTB Fire Safe
*  SVGW (gas and water industry in Switzerland)
*  KTW/WARS (drinking water approval)
*  EU 1935/2004 (European Regulation of Food Contact Material)
*  Germanischer Lloyd (Vessel’s or offshore materials & Equipment approval)

Physical properties

 General data

Binders NBR
Fiber Aramid
Anti-stick coating Serially one side anti-stick coating
Colour Both sides orange
Sheet size and thickness tolerance According DIN 28091-1

Gasket Thickness

Product data:
Thickness in mm 0.3/0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0/3.0/4.0
Dimensions in mm  1500x3000
(Further dimensions and thickness are available on request.)
Temperature Range -50 ~ 300°C
Maximum Pressure Max. 85 Bar
Density DIN 28090-2     [g/cm3]      1.7
Tensile Strength    
DIN 52910
                     [N/mm2]      14
                     [N/mm2]       6
Residual stress σdE/16  
DIN 52913    
                     [N/mm2]      28
                     [N/mm2]      18
Compressibility ASTM F36J        [%]          6
Recovery ASTM F36J        [%]         55
Cold compressibility    εKSW DIN 28090-2       [%]          8
Cold recovery    εKRW DIN 28090-2       [%]          3
Hot creep    εKSW/200 DIN 28090-2       [%]         22
Hot recovery     εKRW/200 DIN 28090-2       [%]          2
Recovery R DIN 28090-2      [mm]        0.04
Specific leakage rate DIN 3535-6    [mg/(m・s)]  ≤ 0.100
Specific leakage rate    λ2,0 DIN 28090-2  [mg/(m・s)]     0.100
Fluid resistance ASTM F146
     ASTM IRM903
           Weight change
           Thickness increase
                        [%]         7
                        [%]         2
     ASTM Fuel B
           Weight change
           Thickness increase
                        [%]         9
                        [%]         5
Leachable chloride content FZT PV-001-133   [ppm]     ≤ 150
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