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Engineered Graphite with Steel Mesh Gasket ZW#6600
ZW#6600consists of high-quality, expanded graphite (purity level at least 99%) and an expanded metal insert made from acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316L – DIN 1.4404 foil (0.15mm). Under high pressure the expanded graphite particles are compressed to films without adding any binders or fillers. The expanded metal is then incorporated into the sealing material. The special geometry of the expanded metal produces a three-dimensional-mechanical bond with excellent stress relaxation and recovery of the graphite. Novaphit SSTC XP has an excellent workability, long-term non-stick properties, outstanding thermal and mechanical loading capabilities and exceptional chemical resistance. The exceptional product properties open a wide spectrum of applications including the most extreme operating conditions, novaphit products are especially suited for dynamic and static sealing assemblies where durability and resistance to deformation, flexibility, loading capacity and a good chemical resistance are mandatory.
●  Approval
*      DVGW, KTW approval
*      BAM(O2: max. 200℃ / 130 bar, including liquid O2)
*      Fire Safe (DIN EN ISO 10497, API607, BS6755)
*      Germanischer Lloyd
*      TA-Luft (VDI 2440) and VDI2290

● Physical Properties
General Data
Gasket thickness 2.0mm
Product data:
Dimensions(mm)   Thickness(mm)
1000x1000         1.0/1.5/2.0/3.0
Further dimensions and thicknesses are available on request.
Anti-stick coating Both sides
Color Grey
Binders Without organic binder
Sheet size and thickness tolerance DIN 28091-1
Identification DIN 28091-4     GR-10-l-1M-Cr
Purity 99%
Temperature -200~550°C
Pressure Max. 250 Bar
Density DIN 28090-2     [g/cm3]     1.35
Tensile strength
DIN 52910
                 [N/mm2]    17
                 [N/mm2]     8
Residual stress σdE/16    170°C
DIN 52913       [N/mm2]    47
DIN 52913       [N/mm2]    45
Compressibility ASTM F36J        [%]       40
Recovery ASTM F36J        [%]       15
Cold compressibility εKSW DIN 28090-2       [%]      39.0
Cold recovery        εKRW DIN 28090-2       [%]       4.0
Hot creep     εKSW/200 DIN 28090-2       [%]       2.0
Hot recovery   εKRW/200 DIN 28090-2       [%]       3.5
Recovery R DIN 28090-2      [mm]      0.070
Specific leakage rate DIN 3535-6     [mg/(m・s)]  ≤ 0.100
Specific leakage rate  λ2,0 DIN 28090-2    [mg/(m・s)]   0.050
Fluid resistance ASTM F146
     ASTM IRM903
           Weight change
           Thickness increase
                   [%]       30
                   [%]        6
     ASTM Fuel B
           Weight change
           Thickness increase
                   [%]       30
                   [%]        6
Chloride content DIN 28090-2      [ppm]     ≤ 50
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