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Expanded PTFE Sheet Gasket - Gore GR (Sheet Gasketing)
The temperature range of GORE® GR is -268°C(-450°F)to +315°C(600°F), resistant to all media in range pH 0-14 (except molten or dissolved alkali metals and elemental fluorine, particularly at elevated temperature and pressure). Not subject to aging and physiologically harmless within the material’s temperature range, UV-resistant and can be stored indefinitely. Low dielectric constant, insulation resistance, low friction coefficient (μ = 0.02). The maximum applicable pressure as well as the maximum safe operating temperature depend mainly on the equipment. Standard pressures range from full vacuum to 200 bar (3,000 psig).
GORE® GRsheet gasketing has been developed for a secure flange connection offering an enduring seal for all pipeline and apparatus flange connections made of steel. It consists of pure, high quality expanded PTFE (ePTFE) with multidirectional oriented fibril structure that ensures an almost unlimited chemical resistance of the seal.

GORE® GRsheet gasketing is distinguished by its minimum loss of gasket stress (high PQR value according to EN 13555). This is particularly beneficial when gasketing material is subjected to the stress of temperature cycling, high temperatures and external forces, which can lead to leakage and/or blow-out.

The high strength of the material results in increased pressure and blow-out resistance. The higher rigidity of the material simplifies installation of the gasket. GORE® GR sheet gasketing offers a long-lasting seal on an extremely wide range of steel flange geometries.

● Steel Flange and complex flange shapes
● Old, rough, and damaged flange
● High Aggressive and dangerous media
● Facing material of Kammprofile gasket for high temperature and high pressure

● EN 13555, ASTM F-36/F-152 Gasket properties testing standard
● DIN 28091-3, ASTM F-38 Creep and relaxation testing
● BAM Oxygen applicable
● TA Luft VDI 2440 German air clean (leakage testing)
● Blow-out resistance VDI 2200 (06-2007) blow-out testing                    
● HOBT2-cycling ARLA, ROTT Hot blow-out testing
Sheet Size: 60”X60”
Sheet Thickness(mm): 0.5, 1.0, 1.6, 2.0,3.2, 5.0, 6.4
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