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Universal Expended PTFE sheet Gasket - Gore UPG (Style 800)
GORE® Universal Pipe Gaskets are used to seal all types of flanges in chemical-process piping. Style 800 gaskets are designed to meet the needs of various piping materials. They are ideal for standardizing gasket material across steel, glass-lined steel, and Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) systems – any application in which a non-metallic gasket can be used.
Unaffected by even the most aggressive chemicals, Style 800 gaskets combine all the properties of expanded PTFE with exceptional seal ability. Engineered to deliver superior bolt load retention, it exhibits exceptional creep resistance for reliable sealing of steel piping flanges. And due to it’s unique design, they provide the lowest stress-to-seal for application in the most fragile plastic and glass-lined flanges. The exceptional performance in three important areas: conforming to irregular surfaces, helping to protect flanges, and seal reliability. With over 30 years of manufacturing and technical experience, depend on Gore™ gaskets when you need the highest level of confidence.

Widely applications

Temperature Range from -268°C (-450°F) to +315°C (+600°F), resistance to all media in the 0-14 pH range (except molten alkali metals and element fluorine), particularly at elevated temperatures and pressures. Operating Pressure from Vacuum to 3,000 psig (200 bar). Not subject to aging and can be stored indefinitely.

Available Size
DN10~DN600, 1/2”~24”
PN6~PN40, Class 150~300
Thickness 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 6.0mm
Metallic flanges are suit for 1.5mm thick gasket
FRP flanges are suit for 3.0mm thick gasket
Glass-lined flanges are suit for 6.0mm thick gasket
All 6.0mm thick (DN spec.) gasket with smaller inner diameter, the size different with standard EN 1514-1.
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