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Cork Rubber Sheet Gasket ZW#2950
It is a highly compressible material suitable for low and medium bolt pressure, with good flexibility and resilience. The physical characteristics along with oil and fuel resistance make ZW 2950 a qualified material for automotive and industrial gaskets. This also creates a better distribution of load when compression occurs between bolt spans. Thanks to the combination between the compressibility and recovery characteristics of cork with the flexibility and shelf life of synthetic rubber, ZW 2950 CorkRubber Sheet Gasket proves it as an excellent product for sealing, insulation or anti-vibration applications. These unique characteristics will meet or exceed gasketing requirements in automotive, aerospace, marine, gas, electrical and many other industries.
Physical properties 

Maximum Service Temperature -30° C to 110° C
Color Black
Density 35 to 47.5 lb/ft3
Hardness (Shore type A) 50 to 70
Compressibility at 70 kg/cm² (400 psi) 30 % to 55 %
Compression Set (Method A, 22h at 70ºC 55 % max.
Recovery (400 psi) 75% min.
Tensile Strength 0.96 MPa min.
ASTM Oil No.1 (70 h at 100ºC (212ºF) Volume change -10 % to 10 %
ASTM Reference Fuel A (22 h at RT) Volume change 0 % to 15 %
IRM 903 (70 h at 100ºC (212ºF) Volume change 5 % to 40 %
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